Industrial automation is an area we excel in and we provide the best services at a global standard. Our brand is known for its reliable and effective planning


Our firm does business on contract basis. Planning and professionalism are the fundamental tools that we use to create and uphold premium quality in our services. We use computerized control systems in designing and executing various facilities like industrial machinery, manufacturing lines, process environment, etc. so that the automated system bring maximum efficiency into operations. Our services include SCADA Automation services, Panel Construction Services, Turnkey PLC Automation, Power Panel Installation and Electrical Contracting Services.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) might sound technical or complex, and that can be true when you’re digging under the hood or talking about wide-scale automation. But in another sense, it’s quite simple: It’s software for automating certain computer-based tasks, like copying data from one source field and pasting it to another.

We have been able to complete many high profile overseas projects successfully and have undertaken many projects in electrical design, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA), PLC or DCS Control, and Human Machine Interface (HMI). We also have got good experience in machine vision implementation, robot integration, instrumentation calibration and tuning. All these exposure and experience is the reason for the demand for our services throughout the globe.


We ensure it is sure your endeavor demonstrates up within a animating encounter offering finest belief.

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