ERP Solutions


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In this era of technology success erp must be needed to every one company who are either used small business line erp or very large integrated customized er solution. In the age of cut throat competition its gain popularity for its usability. It attempts to integrate module for all departments and functions across organization onto a single platform (It may be on browser) system, we serve it very easily with the one way erp solution from india to any where in the world.Our Erp Solution is very effective in the cost as well as requirement what ever needed for that, From our erp we provide how to manage the money and time in the simplest manner.

we are the leading builder of the erp for manufacturing company, Production company, organization that can build any thing means small business erp products like hotel management erp, school management system, campus suite erp, web portals design and development,Billing , Courier Software, vendors solutions, tracking management, Bulk Email Solution For the organization who are in Search Engine Optimization company also help to send Magazines and Letters to the mail box for website Add or Promotion.

ERP is art technology viz.; Graphical User Interface, Client-server technology, n-tire architecture, Object Oriented technology, user defined Reporting Querying technology, EDI, Web Based Connectivity with all external stake holders with organization which includes Vendors, Customers, dealer/Agents etc.

Erp helps the organizations like Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Finance, Inventory, HR & Payroll, Production, Production Planning, Quality Control, Maintenance, Administration and Visitor erp management Module etc.. Sometimes it is not be possible to implement such a extensive management software in one stroke, but one can start with the basic essential modules with phase wise updation, when required can upgrade the system by building the upper layers or implement independent modules of their choice.

This ensures that continuous growth in the system at place along with your business. ERP is highly parametrized hence most of the requirements of your organization or small business holders are satisfied however it can be customized to any extent considering all the peculiarities of your business.