Mobility Solutions


We are currently in the midst of a mobile revolution in which customers want to use their applications anywhere and anytime. Consumers are increasingly bringing their devices to their work places, expecting to use their enterprise applications and be supported by their IT organization. This trend is being accelerated by the increasing popularity and availability of smartphones and tablets. Very soon, everything will be on a mobile device – phone, tablet, laptop or other intelligent devices.

Software product companies need to come up with a holistic strategy for delivering solutions through these devices to reach their customers. This is forcing all software product companies and service providers to quickly design and put in place a mobile strategy. Product companies also need to support multiple classes of devices – tablets, smartphones, intelligent appliances – and a broad range of platforms within each device type.

Cookiegen Info Technologies Private Limited with its focus on mobility is an ideal partner for helping you design and realize a mobile strategy best suited for your business needs. We have profound experience in mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

Our mobile lab has a wide range of devices that will allow us to build and test on multiple relevant devices and ensure your mobile apps are robust and delight your customers.
Our Offerings:
1. Mobile Enablement of Business Applications
2. Mobile Extension for Cloud Services
3. Porting Applications Across Platforms
4. Enabling Mobile Commerce
5. Mobility Testing