Web Data Extraction

Cookiegen Info Technologies Pvt. Ltd. encompass resource, processes as well astechnology to implement the web extraction requirements of the clients. Our potent, scalable and influential extraction server can successfully complete even the most complex web data extraction assignments. With our graphical interface and SQL, such as: Syntax, we are even able to handle intricate and large volume of data extraction jobs.

Through our web navigation and web data extraction technology, we are able to amass information from the deep web that too in a short period of time, thereby saving your considerable amount of time, labor, and money. Hence, with us, you will be receiving time-to-market advantage over your competitors.
To gain a viable competitive advantage, outsource your data extraction work to us. We will:
• Sum up the news stories from the online news sources.
• Look for online newspapers for the most up-to-date information.
• By means of software, going to extract Meta data from the websites.
• Assemble your data from the websites and than enter it into the Excel spreadsheets.
• Browse through the web, and than, it is going to make a list of the targeted websites, and after
that it will gather information from those sites.
• Collect relevant & updated information with reference to a competitor’s offers and pricing.
We respects and seek to maintain the higheststandards of fairness, equality, integrity, and honesty. Our corporate philosophy is to:
• Create a nurturing environment enabling individual and organizational growth.
• Maintain a work culture that is fair, transparent, open and ethical.
• Provide clients and partners with excellent quality services,cost effectively.
• Create value and wealth for all our stakeholders.